Walk Well

It’s important to walk well in life. To know what matters and remain true to our values and ourselves.

At Billy Ruffian we endeavour to do the same. We source materials with utmost care, ensuring they’re suited to both style and function. We build our shoes with integrity – working closely with the same dedicated, expert craftsmen and women we’ve worked with for decades. We also charge fairly, and offer help and advice to customers whenever they need it.

We believe what we give is what we get. That whatever we do and whoever we are, we should walk well.

Many of our customers feel the same. You can find out more about some of them here.

Mr Luke Reade,
Racing Driver.

Won’t be beaten, even when he’s beaten.

For us, well polished is always hand-polished.

What’s underneath? An Italian leather sole.

Noticed for the right reasons. Kendal brogues in Snuff suede.

Mr Andy Smith,
Community Leader.

Gives everyone a chance, literally.

Mr Anthony Simmons,

Good at fixing things, and people.