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Walk Well

It’s important to walk well in life. To know what matters and remain true to our values and ourselves. At Billy Ruffian we believe that everyone should be entitled to feel good about themselves and that quality footwear should not be the preserve of the few.

We endeavour to charge fairly and offer help and advice to customers whenever they need it.

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Kendal Brogue in navy featured in GQ

Tom Attitude Rosso Red

Tom Allen in Rosso Red Loafers on the cover of Attitude

Oracle Times

Boat Shoes in Oracle Times

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Billy Ruffian with Rob Boston Racing

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Luke Chelsea boot
Luke by Ginetta Car

Luke Reade

Luke was one of our original ‘Walk Well’ heroes in who we recognised our core values. We have helped to support his ambitions and been part of his journey to progress to competing in the Ginetta GT4 Supercup. Follow him @lreade26