The Sockless Debate – ‘Socks or no socks’ that is the question?

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Billy Ruffian Socks or No Socks

As the temperature increases so does the temptation to throw off your socks. In the world of mens socks and shoes, the hot topic of going sockless can cause a great deal of discussion, many have a passionate view on whether this is a good fashion choice. Whilst trying to remain impartial in the debate perhaps it is best to highlight the issues and possible solutions to going sockless.

You could wear shoes without socks with no interventions, but it is likely to prove problematic for both your shoes and your feet.

‘No-show’ socks are low-cut invisible socks which help to minimise the issues associated with going barefoot in leather shoes.

Cedar shoe trees are a wise investment regardless and absorb excess moisture and help prevent bacterial growth.

Foot sprays and powders are available to minimise odour issues but we would strongly recommend not to go sockless for more than one day in a row to allow the shoes to naturally dry out.

Loafers in particular have been a popular choice in the sockless look as they are versatile enough to be worn in a more casual setting.


The Boat shoe is also great for the summer months. Worn with shorts and a shirt, following our advice above, with or without socks!


We believe to Walk Well is being true to ourselves and if that includes sporting a look individual to you, then please carry on, we admire you. Just try to make it more comfortable and look after your feet and your shoes.