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Of barleycorns and milkmaids

As I gaze from the windows of Billy Ruffian HQ across a wonderful view of meadows and ripening fields of barley, I have to confess that my mind does wander  (I’m not good with sermon’s either) .. and it occurs to me just how the origins of so much of  modern life can be traced back to our agrarian roots. Take for example the barleycorn which was used as the original measure for English shoe sizes; each size differing by the length of one barleycorn, a size 12 being 36 barleycorns, 12 inches or one foot long.

And then there’s the traditional slip on shoe worn by Norwegian milkmaids that was known as the ‘Loffe’ or stroller. From this humble beginning the loafer as we know it evolved and to this day remains the ideal shoe for a gentle Loffe.

Enough wandering; I must get back to work!

Barley ready to harvest