How do I know what size to buy?

Buying shoes over the internet can be a little daunting, but once you know which Billy Ruffian Last works for you, you are away to the races and subsequent orders are very simple indeed. Our sizing tab on each product page will help you to work it out and for most feet it is surprisingly simple. However, if you still have doubts, just give us a call free on 0808 164 6224 and talk to one of our trained customer service team.

How will I receive my shoes?

If you live in the UK, shoes and luggage are always sent by DPD, unless you live in a very remote part of the country and then they are shipped by Royal Mail. DPD provide a tracked service which needs a signature on arrival. Generally we ship within a working day of your order receipt and the parcel will arrive within 2 – 3 working days. Notifications will be sent to you when the parcel leaves us and again with your time slot of when to expect your order, so if there isn’t going to be anyone to sign for the parcel a work delivery address might work better.

If the shoes don’t fit, can I return them?

Absolutely! Just as long as they are returned to us as they arrived with you, without any scratches to the sole etc. (please try them on on carpet to avoid any scuffs) package them up and take them to the post office. Our returns address is Billy Ruffian Shoes, 19 Stilebrook Road, Olney, Buckinghamshire MK46 5EA. You are welcome to a refund or to exchange the shoes for a different size, colour or style.

Can I re-sole my Billy Ruffians?

Yes! Any good shoe repairer will be able to re-sole the shoes. With the Blake stitched shoes this will be done by attaching the new sole over the existing one and this can be either leather or rubber. The welted shoes can be repaired in the same way but the real beauty of these is that the old sole can be removed and replaced with a new one.

I have tricky feet, can you help?

Yes, almost certainly. Please give us a call and let’s talk feet!

How do I care for my shoes?

Depending on the look you want, suede shoes can simply be brushed occasionally or sprayed with a protector before you start wearing them and then simply brushed to smarten them up. For leather shoes, brush off any dirt and apply a neutral shoe cream and polish. The oiled pull up leathers can be wiped with a damp cloth, dried away from direct heat and clear shoe cream or Neat’s-foot oil applied. Our leather soled shoes cope well with a wet day, but do let them dry out fully, away from direct heat, before their next outing.

Will I always receive FREE socks when I buy shoes?

Striped socks make us all smile. Almost whatever you are wearing or where ever you are going, they add a little something to the day and so emphatically the answer is YES. If you return your shoes please return the socks too; or if you are smitten, keep them and we will refund the shoes taking off the cost of the socks (£9.95).

If I join your mailing list, will I be bombarded with emails?

No. There is nothing worse than finding a brand you like and having made a purchase, then being constantly nagged or cajoled into buying more. We generally send out one email a month, we don’t share your details with anyone else and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Why the naval and boating theme?

Well, Ratty from Wind in the Willows, summed it up beautifully “there is nothing - absolutely nothing, half so worth doing as - simply messing around in boats!” and we heartily agree.

Why Billy Ruffian?

Well, this was the affectionate name given by the sailors of Nelson´s Fleet to HMS Bellerophon which fought at the Nile, Trafalgar and accepted the surrender of Napoleon in 1815. So why did we choose it as a name for our shoes? It would be nice to say that it´s because it represents integrity, dogged Englishness and adventure, but the truth is more prosaic... we just liked it!