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Boat shoes from leather boats?

Boat leather for Billy Ruffian boat shoes?

Boat shoes from leather boats? How so?  On the 7th May, forty years ago , a small leather boat set off from the coast Ireland to sail to America in an attempt to demonstrate that the ancient Irish apostle, St Brendan, may well have discovered the new world a thousand years before Columbus. After overwintering in Iceland and  numerous adventures that included encounters with whales and colliding with an iceberg they finally reached Newfoundland. Whether the voyage proved that St Brendan beat Columbus is still open to debate. What is beyond question however is that the leather withstood all that was thrown at it; quite remarkable really.

Boat leather for Billy Ruffian boat shoes?
St Brendan setting off for America

So why does this relate to Billy Ruffian Leander boat shoes?

Well, it’s all about the leather. The ox skins used to make the cover of the ‘St Brendan’ were tanned using  oak bark extract and tallow to make them supple, strong and waterproof. At Billy Ruffian shoes we still use similar vegetable extract and oils in our Leander boat shoes so that they too could withstand the rigours of a long sea voyage; not that many do sail off into the sunset but it’s comforting to know that if you need them to, they can. And it’s not just the leather that’s perfectly evolved. So too are the natural rubber soles that are siped to help them mimic the grooves on a dogs paw and enable them to grip even on wet surfaces.

The Billy Ruffian Leander boat shoe is available in two fabulous colour combinations; Seahorse tan and Navy with Seahorse trim. Both look great when worn either with Chino’s or shorts – but no socks please. Either way their handsewn construction make them so comfortable they will become your firm favourites for everything from visiting the pub to gardening or even discovering the new world.

Leander in Seahorse oil tanned leather