Fieldfare “valete et salvete”

So it’s welcome and farewell.

Farewell to the lovely Fieldfare as they head north for the summer having feasted on the hedgerow berries over the winter. Such an unassuming little fellow but who on earth gave it the unfortunate name of turdus pilaris; is it any wonder that it flies away every spring.                               

Turdus pilaris
Turdus pilaris
Firebrick Multistripe
Fieldfare multistripe










And welcome to our new Fieldfare socks, a long time in hatching but well worth the wait. A fabulous combination of navy, gold, burgundy and green that is discreet yet harbours a hint of rebellion.

All our socks are knitted in a small factory deep in Quorn country on circular knitting machines that were invented back in the 1870’s. With their ninety six needles they really are a miracle of mechanics and take twenty minutes to produce a pair of socks from some of the finest cotton yarns that money can buy. Even when knitted the socks are still far from finished. After the toe seam has been sewn they have to be are washed, conditioned and pressed before they are ready for wear. The end result is a sock that is durable, comfortable, colourful and fun; in a nutshell, a Billy Ruffian sock.