HMS Bellerophon Ships log – 7th July 1815

Location: Off Isle de Re
Winds:  South West light, Cloudy
Water expended 2 ½ tons. Remaining 187 tons

Received despatches from Admiral Hotham advising that Buonoparte had applied to the British Government on the 30th June for a passport and safe conduct to America and that this had been refused. Was also advised that Buonoparte was likely to embark on one of the French frigates anchored off Isle de Re to make good his escape.

Note: Maitland was also ordered to lie off the Isle d’Aix lighthouse to best prevent Buonoparte escaping and was instructed to “remove him to a British ship” if he was found. The Slaney and Myrmidon were to watch the other channels.

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