HMS Bellerophon Ships log – 6th July 1815

Location: Off Isle de Re
Winds:  South West moderate. Cloudy, light rain
Water expended 2 ½ tons. Remaining 190 tons

Today received despatches from Admiral Hotham

“Having this morning received information that it is believed Napoleon Buonaparte has taken his road from Paris for Rochefort, to embark from thence for the United States of America, I have to direct you will use your best endeavours to prevent him from making his escape in either of the frigates at Isle d’Aix; for which purpose you are, notwithstanding former orders, to keep any frigate which may be with you, at the time you receive this letter, in company with the ship you command, for the space of ten days, to enable you to intercept them in case they should put to sea together: but if you should have no frigate with you at the above time, you will keep the ship delivering this, (which will probably be the Slaney or Cyrus,) in company with the Bellerophon, ten days, and then allow her to proceed in execution of the orders her Captain has received from me.”

The Slaney brought the letter and order, parts of which are extracted above, and having no frigate in company, I detained her as part of the force under my command, though she was, on the 8th, sent down to the Mamusson passage, with orders for Captain Green of the Daphne, and did not return until the evening of the 11th.

Note: HMS Bellerophon was alone for three days at the beginning of July blockading the three channels in to Rochefort. This was not really practical and so she was close inshore so that she could have her boats patrol the ships at anchor and warn of any impending departure. The arrival of HMS Slaney along with Myrmidon was very welcome.