HMS Bellerophon Ships log – 12th July 1815

Location: At anchor off Isle de’Aix
Winds:  South West light, rain
Water expended 2 ½ tons. Remaining 175tons

Joined by Sloops  Cyrus 20 guns and Daphne 22 guns.Ordered Daphne to take up position off the southern channel, the Passe de Mamusson and the Cyrus the northern channel.

Note: Having received Captain Maitlands letter, Napoleon was undecided as to what action to take. Some of his advisors were suggesting that he went back and joined the remainder of his army.  The Commander of Meduse even suggested that he went alongside the Bellerophon and grappled her so that Buonoparte could escape in the Saale. This was an audacious plan but even so preparations were taken in hand.