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Striped socks, mowing and Raglan loafers

And striped socks too

Striped socks, mowing and Raglan loafers

What is it about striped socks? I think that it may be a man thing but one of the little pleasures at this time of year is mowing the lawn to produce the perfect stripes; straight, vibrant and even. Think Lords before the first test or Wimbledon centre court, brought to our own little patch of England. And yet, there was a time before lawn mowers, when these were but a pipe dream.  Edwin Budding could surely never have imagined that his invention of the cylinder mower in 1830 would have such profound repercussions. Before then, lawn and playing field upkeep was all about men with scythes (not Poldark though) and the judicious use of sheep. Lawnmower use soon extended to the front lawns of the Victorian middle classes and the stripes became a status symbol and a national treasure. It’s this deeply ingrained love of stripes that maybe makes our Billy Ruffian striped socks just so much fun and so very wearable. Available in twelve sparkling colour combinations that range from sombre to shout out loud they really are perfect for all occasions especially when worn with our oakum brown Raglan loafers.


Raglan loafer with striped socks
Raglan loafer

Carry on packing? The Fitzroy grip vs the airlines, a continuing saga.

There was something romantic about packing a portmanteau; alas today it’s all about the things we don’t take as we play ’carry on’ chess with the airline check in staff. In this game our Fitzroy grip can get you off to a flying start, if you’ll excuse the pun. Designed to slot into the dreaded ‘size checker’ and made from strong, lightweight cotton canvas trimmed with leather it really is a practical no nonsense workhorse. Available in four fabulous colours with a zipped internal pocket and shoulder strap as standard, it really is the bag to ‘carry on’ to adventures unknown.